A Blue/Dark Morph Ross's Goose at Bosque del Apache NWR? Part 1.
January 5, 2013, Bosque del Apache NWR, New Mexico
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Blue Morph Ross's Goose Part 2

I thought so at first, but it does have some odd characters. The bill shape and "grin" is about halfway between what is seen on the snow goose
on the right and the Ross's goose on the left. Definitely has a shorter and stubbier bill and the head is more rounded than a snow goose.
The bill border with the cheek isn't as straight as in most Ross's geese, a little more like a snow goose, but not as distinct.
 So, is it a hybrid Ross's goose/blue snow goose? Sibley reports that many blue morph Ross's geese probably are, although I'm not sure if
that means supposed blue/dark morph Ross's geese all are hybrids or that hybrids are mistakenly reported as blue/dark morph Ross's geese. 

According to my field guides it should have more white on the belly. Maybe this enough.

Close up comparison with the hybrid Ross's/blue morph snow goose and a blue morph snow goose.

Suddenly, pandemonium breaks out. Notice the area barren of geese on the left?

Here's why.

Where's Waldo?

Blue Morph Ross's Goose Part 2