A new subspecies of Cicindela nevadica from the Badlands of South Dakota

Described by Stephen Spomer in 2004, Cicindela nevadica makosika is endemic to a few tributary streams of the Cheyenne River in the Badlands. The key to the habitat of the tiger beetle is the erosion of these streams into the marine Pierre Shale, which provides the salinity needed by this halophytic species. 

See Spomer, Stephen M. 2004. A new subspecies of Cicindela nevadica LeConte (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae) from the Badlands of South Dakota. The Coleopterists Bulletin 58(3); 409-412.

Cicindela nevadica makosika

Cicindela nevadica makosika, adult on habitat. The adult beetles are always found on the viscous mud
of the streams they inhabit, overlying the saline Pierre Shale. 

This subspecies shows reduced maculation on the elytra compared to the subspecies Cicindela nevadica knausii.

Habitat of Cicindela nevadica makosika, Indian Creek.

More habitat, note the dark Pierre Shale formation that forms the stream bank.

Habitat with stream crossing for vehicles and cattle under cottonwood.