I retired this spring and took a long trip to Alaska. From 1975-1978 I was stationed in Alaska at Fort Richardson while serving in the US Army but I had never been north of Fairbanks and that is the area of Alaska I wanted to see. Prior to 1995, the Dalton Highway (formerly the haul road) was closed to public use. That has changed and now the public can use this road to access the Brooks Range and coastal plain. This was my destination. I left Pierre on May 28th with no particular travel schedule in mind. After spending a few days in the Slim Buttes in northwest South Dakota, my route went up through Alberta then west to Dawson Creek where the Alaska Highway begins. I traveled north to Fairbanks where I stocked up on food and headed north to Coldfoot. I parked my camper at the Marion Creek Campground north of Coldfoot and made trips north from there. On the return, I stayed for several days on the Denali Highway west of Paxson, then came back through Canada on the Cassiar Highway, entered the USA in Washington state.

I took lots of photos, mostly concentrating on avian photography of course! Click on the links below to visit galleries displaying my favorite photos from the trip, arranged by location. I've tried to keep file sizes down so pages won't be too big for the few folks still using dial-up. Lots of birds and other wildlife that I saw are not shown here, either I didn't get very good photos or no photos at all. That just gives me an excuse to go back someday.

Slim Buttes


Dalton Highway 1

Dalton Highway 2

Dalton Highway 3

Dalton Highway 4

Dalton Highway 5

Denali Highway

Return through Canada on the Cassiar Highway

Washington, Idaho, Montana

Black Hills