Winter Wrens
Farm Island
January 1, 2012

Two different Winter Wrens. The second one looks more brown overall, but still
has the paler sides of neck, whitish-clay colored spots on primaries, the top wren
appears to have some marking on back. Both sang and called like eastern Winter Wrens (songs played from Bird Tunes on Ipod) . Both photographed in natural light.

Pacific Wren (Rare Bird Report submitted to SDOU rare birds committee, accepted)
Ward Draw, Lawrence County
July 12, 2011

This wren sang and responded to western Winter Wren songs (songs played from Bird Tunes on Ipod). Sides of neck darker, spots on primaries brownish, back unmarked. This wren was photographed with flash.

Link to Sibley's Distinguishing Pacific and Winter Wrens