Le Conte's Sparrow, Nelson's Sparrow and a Red-tailed Hawk
 The Sparrow Patch, east of Pierre and south of Hwy. 34 (Arikara GPA)
October 6-7, 2013

Sunday, Oct. 6, Ricky Olson, Dan Svingen and I birded the Sparrow Patch. We were treated to Red-tailed Hawk in a dive for prey.  While birding the area, we came up with 17 Nelson's Sparrow and 1or 2 Le Conte's Sparrows.
The Nelson's Sparrows were not very cooperative for photography.

Red-tailed Hawk in a dive

Nelson's Sparrow

Two Nelson's Sparrows, there were actually three in view here.

The Le Conte's were even less cooperative on Sunday, so I went back today.
There were still plenty of Nelson's Sparrows, and I saw at least four Le Conte's Sparrows. 

Le Conte's Sparrow posing nicely for the camera.

A curious Le Conte's Sparrow, coming out into the open.