Aurora Borealis
Over Lake Oahe November 7, 2015

I've seen many spectacular displays of the Aurora Borealis in South Dakota over the years, but strangely none since I decided I wanted to photograph it. Finally, it happened. Spaceweather.com was forecasting high probabilities of a geomagnetic storm and the skies were clear, so I went up to Lake Oahe to find a good place to watch. When I got there, the aurora was glowing in the north but not much of a display was on. I waited until 1:00 AM and finally this happened. Not the best display I've seen  but I was pretty happy with how the photos turned out. I can imagine how it would look with a really great Aurora Borealis display.  Canon 7D Mark II, 17mm, ISO 1600, f4.5, approx. 10 second exposures, adjustments in LR6.