Astrophotography at Okobojo Creek, north of Pierre, SD

August 4-5,  2016

My favorite, the Helix Nebula, a planetary nebula. This planetary nebula is only visible in the far south at this latitude (43 N). I wasn't sure if it was going to photograph very well being so low (about 20 degrees) on the horizon, but it came out pretty good. Fifty-one one minute exposures, ISO 800, 500 mm, f4, tracked with AstroTrac. Processed in Images Plus, stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, final processing in Photoshop. This is nearly full frame, slight cropping along the edges.

Triangulum Galaxy, I still need to do better on this one. It is a large galaxy but very faint, I need to spend more time shooting images to stack.

M 106 and neighboring galaxies. Six other galaxies are visible. M 106 is known as a Seyfert galaxy, a galaxy that is collapsing into the central black hole. M 106 is located in the constellation Canes Venatici, about 25 million light years from earth. It is about 135,000 light years in diameter. I could only get 20 exposures for this image, I need more, but the wind came up and I could not get good images. 500mm, f4, ISO 800, tracked with AstroTrac.

The Whirlpool Galaxy, M 51. I think this is my favorite image of this galaxy so far.

The setting moon and Jupiter within 1 degree of each other. Shot among passing clouds.