A Supernova in NGC 6946-the Fireworks Galaxy

The Fireworks Galaxy gets its name because it is known for supernovae.
Ten supernovae have been recorded in this galaxy in the last century.
Now, there is a new one and I am excited to get an opportunity photograph an actual supernova.

The image above was taken last year in November, from Ajo, AZ. This was taken at 700mm
focal length so the scale is a little different than the image below.

The Supernova. Here's a LINK to read more about it. This supernova is about 22 million light years
from Earth, which is a good thing. A supernova closer than ~30 light years would cause mass extinction of life on our planet.

I am amazed that I can capture this with a 500mm f4 camera lens in a galaxy 22 million light years away. Imagine the size of this. All of the stars in the two images are in our galaxy. It is impossible to resolve individual stars in a galaxy at this distance (well, maybe the Hubble Space Telescope can, I don't know).

The supernova image was taken with a Canon 7D MII (H-alpha modded), 500mm focal length, ISO 1600 @ f4, tracking with a Losmandy G11. Thirty-eight one minute exposures stacked in Images Plus, processed in Images Plus and Photoshop.

Here are the same images above with tighter crops: